Shipping Information

Shipping Terms and Conditions - Lead Time

Once the order has been placed and confirm - our representatives will provide an approximate lead time (2-3 weeks), unless the equipment is in stock. You should be informed a few days before the shipment is ready and a suitable shipping date will be arranged. We will also notify you when the product has shipped out and the approximate date of its arrival. 

Standard Shipping Practice

We offer both road and rail shipping for your orders. Road is generally faster. Our standard delivery is curbside delivery - which means that he ordered products would be delivered to your driveway. If you require assistance of the driver, plesae inform us in advance as the service will be chargeable

Please be advised that the shipment wil be heavy and may usually require more than one person to unload. Tailgate and residential deliveries are also available at an extra cost. Please specify your preference when placing and confirming the order

We also offer pick up directly from our facility in any case that you may prefer to arrange your own shipping method

Standard Packing Practice

All fitness equipment are assembled, inspected, and tested before it is prepared for shipping out of our facility. They will be packed on skids, bolted down if necessary and wrapped with pieces of cardboard to protect them during the shipping process. The standard practice is to disassemble (but not completely break them down as we understand that you do not want to be spending days to weeks putting them back together) them to accommodate the guidelines provided by the carrier and also to make it as cost effective to ship as possible, however, there will be some equipment that will be shipped fully assembled due to their nature. Most of the assembly required will be farily simple and light. The parts and components will be labelled, matching and following them in order is the best way to go about them. If in case any futher assistance is required, please contact us - we are always happy to help

Please notify us if you prefer any other means of packing and shipping method(s) and we shall try our best to accommodate your preference