Before and after products are put into service, inspection and testing should occur to ensure the equipment is in proper working order. A complete maintenance and inspection program should be developed in implemented immediately upon putting Power Body Fitness Inc products into service. This program should be documented so as procedures are followed correctly. No Power Body Fitness Inc equipment should be modified in any way. If there is any suspicion of damage or malfunction, discontinue use immediately and indicate the product is out of service with an “Out of Order” sign. Notify qualified maintenance personnel immediately

Always read all warning labels before use and do not attempt to operate any Power Body Fitness product without prior knowledge and understanding. Consult a qualified staff member for information on basic operation, proper use of equipment, and safety procedures prior to use. Keep hands and feet clear of all moving parts while equipment is in use. Be sure to insert the weight stack selector pin fully, as partial insertion may cause weights to fall unexpectedly, resulting in injury or damage to the machine. Never remove a weight stack selector pin if stack is suspended. Never attempt to clear a jammed weight stack and call for a qualified maintenance personnel if a machine is not functioning properly. Always maintain full control of the weights while exercising. Avoid slamming or dropping the weight stack, as this can cause damage or injury. Failure to follow these instructions and those from a qualified staff member regarding proper use of Power Body Fitness equipment may result in serious injury.

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