#01809 - Multi Press 200 lb

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#1809 Multi Press 200 lb. (Bench press/Incline press/Shoulder press).

The #1809 can be converted easily and quickly from Flat (0 degree) to Incline (30 degrees and 45 degrees) to Upright (90 degrees) to facilitate 3 different type of press exercises: Flat Bench Press , Incline Bench Press and Upright Shoulder Press.

  • Made in Canada with North America Steel.
  • Heavy Duty commercial grade equipment made of 11 gauge, 2 x 3 steel tube frame.
  • Selectorized unit featuring a standard weight stack of 200 lb.
  • Space saving combo design features - Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press and Upright Shoulder Press.
  • Foot Print (Approx) - 82" D x 58" W x 70" H
  • Super smooth adjustment mechanism on rollers allows for quick and effortless adjustment between Flat (0 degree), Incline (30 and 45 degrees) and Upright (90 degree) for different exercises.
  • Standard model uses - Loos & Co Exerflex Pro Cables and Fenner Drives pulleys to ensure unmatched smoothness and reliability, unit is also be available in Heavy duty Kevlar Belt system.
  • Available with Optional Weight stack shroulding to prevent accidental injury.
  • Life - Time warranty on all frames and welded parts. 5 Years on bearings and pulleys, 1 Year on Pads, Cables and Kevlar Belts, 6 months on accessories such has grip handles and bars.