#07020 - Selectorized 8-way Cervical Machine

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Gym Equipment Canada 8-way Cervical Machine Neck Machine

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The #7020 Selectorized 8-way Cervical Machine is designed to strengthen the muscles in the upper part of the neck and shoulders. The range of motion limiters can be used to control the start and stop points during your exercise routine in order to prevent injury. The weight stack is 50 lbs with a starting weight as low as 2 x 1/2 lbs. The Cervical Machine has the capacity to transition into 8 different settings/positions to allow effective workout in multiple areas of the neck and shoulders. Additionally, there are secure handle grips along with adjustable chest, back, and seat rest to accommodate all users and provide a comfortable and secure workout.


  • Made In Canada with High-Quality North American Steel.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Equipment constructed with 11 gauge steel tube
  • Indexed starting points in 10 degree increments
  • Unique seat design features hydraulic assisted height adjustment and pivots at 45 degree increments to achieve 8 way movement
  • Safely and Effectively trains posterior, anterior and lateral flexion
  • Adjustable chest pad, back and seat rest
  • Wide rubber handrails for added security during exercise
  • Diamond Steel Platform
  • Counter balanced mechanism for proper axis rotation and reduction in starting resistance
  • 50 lb weight stack (can be customized - please contact us)


  • Length: 52"
  • Width: 35"
  • Height: 61"