#1006A - Prone Row Bench

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Train the upper and mid back while fully supporting the torso. The Prone Row bench is an old school favourite - the exact opposite of the bench press. Allowing athletes to develop often neglected back muscles, this truly is a must have for any serious training facility. The Prone Row enables users to efficiently pull the weight towards your chest muscles and contract the mid back to reach a wider range of muscles.Made in Canada with High Quality North American Steel.


  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Equipment constructed with 11 gauge steel tube and 2 x 2 frame
  • Effectively targets upper/mid back muscles
  • Two sturdy adjustable upright bar holders
  • Prone Row with adjustable bar holder and face hole
  • UHMW covered bar holders provides bar protection
  • Available with or without face hole
  • Upholstery comes in standard colours black, and white, other colours available upon request
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  • **Barbell not included. Please take a look at Barbells we carry


  • Length: 60"
  • Width: 46"
  • Height: 41"
  • Weight: (120 lbs) - (54 kg)