#Power HD700 - Olympic Super Curl Bar

Power Body Fitness Inc.

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  • Description

Our premium quality HD700 Super Curl bars are designed to be the best in the industry. Designed in Canada they are designed to go beyond traditional Ez Curl and can be used effectively for overhead curls and with two bars it can be used as farmer's walk handles.  Available in thicker 28 mm diameter and with a medium aggressive knurling they provide a firm grip that no other curl bars in the market can match. Check out our bars today and feel the difference.

  • Designed in Canada
  • Thicker 28mm diameter provides a grip and feel like no other curl bar in the market. 
  • Medium Knurling the design provides a comfortable yet firm grip not found in many curl bars.
  • High Quality Bright Chrome Plate Finish
  • Created with a high quality Brass bushing provides a smooth and consistent spin even when under heavy load. 
  • Snap Ring and Cap ends eliminates the issues of misplacing the bolts.
  • Tested Capacity of 700 lb.