#00620 - Plate Loaded Ab Cruncher Bench

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  • Description

A flatter stomach and a slimmer waistline will be yours as you crunch your way into shape. Build core strength, while effectively maintaining a stable form to prevent strain or injury. The thick padding assists in providing padded support and further prevents strain during your workout. Incorporate the tricep rope for a more effective core workout and enhancement of the ab muscles.


  • Made in Canada with high quality North American steel.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Equipment made with 11 Gauge Steel tube frame
  • Plate Loaded Design with Tricep Rope 
  • Accepts 2" Olympic Plates 
  • Adjustable bench to enable increase or decrease of resistance while you workout
  • High quality vinyl and high density XLPE foam for durability and comfort


  • Length: 22"
  • Width: 42"
  • Height: 38"
  • Weight: 86 lbs